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We are a part of Insurance Sweden, and industry organisation for insurance companies. Insurance Sweden is responsible for a number of industry-wide review boards. The review boards issue opinions on disputes between policyholders and insurance companies. The review boards' opinions provide guidance, for example on interpretation of insurance terms and loss adjustment practice. The Committees aim to ensure uniform practice and due process for the insured.

We administer following of Insurance Sweden's insurance committees:

  • the Board for Insurance of Persons (Personförsäkringsnämnden), 
  • the Board for Bodily Injury Liability Insurance (Ansvarsförsäkringens Personskadenämnd), 
  • the Board for Counsels of Expenses (Ombudskostnadsnämnden), 
  • the Board for Legal Protection Insurance Issues (Nämnden för Rättsskyddsfrågor), 
  • the Life Insurance Companies Tax Board (Svenska Livförsäkringsbolags Skattenämnd) and also 
  • the Review Procedure for Suitability of Representatives (Prövningsförfarande beträffande ombuds lämplighet).

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